Thursday, January 30, 2014

Te Araroa

The Long Pathway. New Zealand's Trail. 3,000 kilometers of beaches, forests, hills, and mountains. 1,864 miles along New Zealand's spine.

Next week, Jared (my college roommate) and I are flying to New Zealand and beginning an eight week trek on Te Araroa. Continuing my theme of hiking backwards, we'll be starting at the southern end of the South Island and walking north-- what can I say, I guess I just love reading guidebooks backwards. As mere mortals, Jared and I won't be attempting the whole trail (that would be more than 35 miles a day...). Instead, my goal is to experience the South Island, fly fish, read, and reflect-- on what's finished and what's next.

I'm excited to apply what I learned this fall on the Pacific Crest Trail, from the mundane (wash your feet every day!) to the existential (take in every day! and step!) and am pumped to hike with Jared, a fount of trivia (good for those long trail days) and the gregarious yin to my introverted yang.

Sadly, updates along the trail will be few and far-between (or non-existent) since I won't have a computer with me or any way to upload photos. So, here's to good walking, and many, many more of these, perhaps with better lighting...