Friday, March 29, 2013

Labor Day

Labor Day weekend, wanting to squeeze one last trip to the Sierras in before heading to New York, Jenny and I skipped the Yosemite crowds and instead headed over Sonora Pass to the Hoover Wilderness Area on the eastern side of the Sierras. After a 7 AM departure from San Francisco, we got to the Leavitt Meadows trailhead around 2 PM and quickly began hiking the 12 miles for the day so that we could make it to camp before dark. A friendly hiker snapped a photo of Jenny and me along the way:

We arrived at camp at dark, quickly cooked dinner, and headed to bed- it was a long day, from waking up at 6 AM in San Francisco, to falling asleep deep in the Sierras. The next day we decided to hike to the northern edge of Yosemite, and after stopping at Bonnie Lake (the first of the Lady Lakes) for lunch,

we took exactly one step into the park. Here's looking south into the park from above Dorothy Lake. 

With the whole afternoon in front us, we decided to hike cross-country to Lake Ruth (see why they're called the Lady Lakes now?), where we went for a "refreshing" swim. These lakes are take-your-breath away cold, even at the end of a hot summer. Brrr!!!

Late in the day we finished our cross-country loop and hiked most of the way out, camping on a little shelf near Hidden Lake. 

Our food for the trip was a special treat- it was the food that my parents packed for their backpacking trip to Kings Canyon in August, which was prematurely interrupted by a few bears and some food poisoning (mostly the latter). Consequently, Jenny and I had dinner mints, dehydrated milk, and the best treat of all: popcorn! Important note: popcorn expands when cooked- keep that in mind with your small backpacking pot...

We awoke to a beautiful September morning and began our (always sad) trek back to civilization. One last surprising sight greeted us in a meadow near the trailhead. We ran into the elusive wild Sierran Llama!!! Kidding- just some llamas being used as pack animals. They did seem pretty content in this swampy meadow however.

After one last look behind us, we hopped back in the car and began fighting terrible Labor Day traffic headed back to San Francisco. A mere 7 hours later were home, after fondly saying goodbye to the Sierras. Well, some of us at least...


  1. Haha, the rare and elusive Sierran llama in its native environment, :)

    p.s. omg these google captchas are killing me

    1. Pasha! Yay! Glad to know someone is still reading :)