Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The day after my birthday I witnessed by far the least statistically likely thing I'll experience for a while. My birthday was on June 12th, so I invited a couple of friends up for dinner and a Giants' game. We had good seats, got to see a season-high 13 strikeouts, and saw a 6-3 win. Not a bad game indeed.

My former roommate and close friend Jared's birthday happens to be June 13th, and he had coincidentally also invited people to a Giants' game for his birthday the next night. The morning after my birthday I gleefully texted him a summary of my birthday game: 13Ks and 10 runs: "Top that."

Wednesday June13th, 2012 Matt Cain pitched the 22nd Perfect Game in baseball history - a 14 strikeout masterpiece (tied for the most in perfect game history) that was the first in the Giants' 129 year history. Here's the final out:


Touche. I'll have trouble topping this next year...

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