Monday, July 16, 2012

Spring time in San Francisco

The first weekend in May Jenny and I planned an epic biking-filled weekend, riding from San Francisco to Pt Reyes on Saturday and around Pt Reyes on Sunday. Being the ambitious bikers that we (I) are (am), we decided to ride up Mt Tamalpais, the highest point in Marin, on the way to Pt Reyes.

Early in the ride (above) we were feeling pretty good (you can see where this is going), but five hours, thirty miles, and 2,571 vertical feet later, we decided that the last twenty cold and foggy miles along Highway 1 weren't exactly what we were looking for, so we retreated back to San Francisco. Regardless of where we finished it was definitely a ride to be proud of.

We'll be back Pt Reyes!

 Stay tuned for more adventures: eclipses, a little baseball, and Europe!!