Monday, February 27, 2012

Henry Coe

Continuing my blog post tear, MLK Weekend, Jenny, Andrew (my friend- see last post), Anne (Jenny's sister), and I decided to go backpacking at the lovely Henry Coe State Park just southeast of San Jose, on a whim. And by on a whim, I mean 17 minutes after I decided it might be fun to go backpacking we had four people and a location picked- ah California. We left campus at 1 and started our hike at 3- definitely the best photo of the gang (left to right: Jenny, Anne, me, and Andrew) :

Our hike was about seven miles in, starting along a ridge with great views of classic California Oak forests,

then quickly descending 1500 feet through China Hole and up the Narrows, a skinny gorge hosting a creek (and lots of ice!), as the sun set. We didn't bring much water because we heard that there was plenty in the park, though I started getting a little nervous when the creek was so frozen solid we couldn't break through. Fortunately we eventually found some flowing water.

Saturday night was freezing, and after making a quick dinner, we retreated to the tent for some good cards and good company (even though I didn't win at Hearts...). Around bedtime we realized it was in the mid-20's (definitely the coldest night I've spent in a tent in California), so we decided to all sleep in one tent. Here we are, settled down for the night:

Kidding- fortunately Jenny's new tent was fairly spacious, even for all four of us.

The next morning, we cooked a quick breakfast, warming our hands on the stove, packed up and started our all-uphill hike out. We even managed to snap a few amusing group photos on the way out:

Before finally managing a decent self-time shot with our camp in the background:

The hike out provided some nice views, including the Narrows in the daylight,

and we were back at the car by 3- a short but sweet backpacking trip.

Special shout out to Andrew who kicked some ass on his first backpacking trip.

Here's to many more.

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