Sunday, March 27, 2011


As I work to update the past six months of my life, next up is Yosemite! In the middle of October Jenny, my brother Matthew, his friend Pat, and I piled into Matthew's car and cruised up to Yosemite for a weekend. Matthew's car, while great for cruising along the coast, was a little tight with all our pack and gear...

We got there Friday night and camped in a campsite way out near the park entrance and then got up the next morning, drove in, and got our permit. After convincing the park ranger that I did in fact want the permit I was requesting ("You know that's the steepest trail in the park right?"), we got started at around 9:30 AM. Our first 4 miles were wicked steep: up and out of the valley.

We ended up eating lunch at the exact spot where I camped two years ago when I went to Yosemite by myself. From here we hiked up to Tenaya Lake, which while beautiful, was also on the road. It did take a little away from the scenic beauty...

After Tenaya Lake we climbed up and camped along Sunset Lake for a chilly night: we got the season's first snow! On the bright side, we were allowed to have a fire, the first fire I've had camping in years...
The next morning we got up quickly and hiked up to a chilly Cloud's Rest, an awesome overlook behind Half Dome.

After Cloud's Rest we scampered down, got to the car, and got outta there.

All in all it was a pretty crazy weekend. When we drove up on Friday it was 90 in the Central Valley, and when we drove back Sunday it was 40! We did 32 miles in a day a and a half, and Pat had his first backpacking experience- what a warrior. The best part is that I got to take advantage of all California has to offer, what I've been meaning to do every year since freshman year!

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