Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kauai: Part II

This post will probably be a much-abbreviated version of the end of Kauai... it's been a while after all. Once Jenny and I got to Kokee State Park on the southern half of the island we spent three days hiking, including the backside of the Na Pali Coast:

We also hiked out toward the ocean: the drop-offs into the canyons were really pretty impressive- more than 1000 feet!

We ended the day at the U.S.'s westernmost brewpub! Sadly its claim to fame was much better than their actual beer. Still cool though...

The next day we hiked around the famous Grand Canyon of Kauai which was awesome even in the rain! Apparently Kauai gets its fair share.

That afternoon, we did one of the coolest hikes we did in Kauai, through a swamp. We got to the vista at the end of the trail and the fog cleared for just long enough for us to see the North side of the island. It was all in all an incredibly muddy but pretty cool hike.

The next day we did the famous Hanalei River Kayak trip: overrated. It ended up being a pretty short paddle to a waterfall and swimming hole all with 400 of our closest friends. The highlight of the day by far was showing up at the driving range at a little golf course on the south side of the island and hitting some balls barefoot and in shorts! We also finally tried some shave ice. Pretty good stuff.

Jenny flew out the next morning and then I left the following evening for Honolulu where I switched to my flight home, which was CANCELLED: dun dun dun. I did get to spend the night in the Marriott in Waikiki though, and I managed to escape on a flight the next morning.

This ending does seem a little unfair to Hawaii. I had an absolute blast this summer and got to do things I'll never get to do again. I wish I could have provided more timely closure when I first left, but this will have to do. Thanks Hawaii. Thanks for a fun summer. Thanks for memories I'll never forget. And most importantly, thanks for letting me meet some great people. I probably won't be back for awhile.


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