Monday, August 2, 2010

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

I know the title is terrible. I apologize. I couldn't resist.

Today officially counts as the coolest day of work ever. We began the day with some fieldwork:

Tree Climbing! Devin and Bernice rigged the tree-climbing ropes onto two of the tallest trees in the kipuka and we ascended up about 50 or 60 feet. It was handy being familiar with the gear (from caving).

Eventually we all four made it up in two parallel trees and Jenny even used the split-tail and transferred between the trees. Not me.

Ah, acrophobia. I did dramatize this shot just a little in case you were wondering. After about an hour hanging out (ha) we rappelled down and headed back to the lab for our lab work...

Terrifying, I know. In case that didn't clear things up here's another hint:

Ah yes. We were chopping up coconut to bait the rat traps for over the next couple weeks, a fun excuse to use machetes and eat tons of coconut. We kept trying to crack a coconut open so that we could drink the water out of them. After attempt six or so I managed to crack one correctly(ish). Some of us were more successful than others I might add...

Tomorrow a half day of work and then off to Honolulu!

P.S. For those don't believe we're actually working with rats, here is the one and only rat I've seen this summer (much less gotten a picture of) from a rat Devin and I trapped on Friday. We trapped him (his name is Baldy) to cut off the radio collar Devin had put on him to see what part of the collar malfunctioned- the antenna in case you were wondering.

That is a rat. I promise.

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