Monday, August 2, 2010

A Weekend to Ride

The weekend began with a restful Saturday morning- we worked a five day week this week (gasp), so it was great to sleep past 6:15 on Saturday. Jenny and I went to the farmer's market to stock up on our fruits and veggies for the week, and then I decided to go on a bike ride- a 50-mile bike ride. Things started out well. I headed south of Hilo and went to the Puna District (the hippie district apparently), where I intended to do a loop. The first Google Maps fail of the weekend occurred when my cutback road abruptly turned to gravel. I should have gotten suspicious when the forest I was riding through turned into this:

A lava flow from 1960 it turns out.

The ride back started okay. I tried some of that energy GU stuff to satisfy the savage hunger I always get on long rides, and it actually worked for the first 15 miles back. Then I ran into a stiff headwind and an uphill stretch- whew. I did eventually make it back in about 3 hours total, so I was happy with my ride on the whole. A huge chimichanga sure hit the spot at dinner.

Today Jenny and I decided to ride about 16 miles north of Hilo to Akaka Falls. Google Maps fail 2 of the weekend occurred when Google Maps didn't mention that my shortcut to keep us off the main highway turned into a private road. As we got near the falls we also learned some info that Google Maps couldn't tell us: it was super steep. We gained about 1200 feet in 3 miles. We finally arrived at the falls quite exhausted and snapped a few good photos. The first is the 420 feet tall falls and the second is Jenny and I (looking styling might I add) in front of the falls.

The ride back began well, with a stop for some homemade mint chip ice cream but ended abruptly when Jenny's tire blew about 10 miles from town. Fortunately, (1) the bus that we didn't think ran on Sunday actually does, (2) we happened to be standing at a bus stop, and (3) it came 5 minutes after we got there. Sometimes things do work out.

It's a short week this week- only Monday and Tuesday and then off to Honolulu!

P.S. Below is from Wednesday of this past week, when we got to explore a lava tube known as Emisine Cave near one of the kipuka. Below is a shot of Devin looking through a nifty little man-sized hole (we tested!) to the surface about half a mile back into the cave. Seriosuly, we do work hard.

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