Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well it was bound to happen eventually- at least it could have been worse. Last night Jenny and I were on our way to visit the other Stanford interns. On the way I didn't see an asphalt divider between the road and the shoulder and proceeded to ram into it and fly forward off my bike (luckily Jenny missed me). The result wasn't pretty...

I'll let you guess which side I fell on.

I fared better than that fortunately. Road rash on my hands and elbows and a bruised hip- don't worry, I won't gross anyone out with pictures (Jenny did get some good ones though). My shifters and brakes still work fine and today I discovered that the part that was bent was plastic, so I bent it back- what a great fix. Turns out that my bike heals faster than me. All in all, it was a lucky crash: no broken bones and no broken bike. Tomorrow morning Jenny and I are off for a backpacking trip down to a beach in the National Park. Hooray for a fixed bike!

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