Saturday, July 17, 2010

Internet. At Last

This afternoon Oceanic Time Warner came and installed our internet after a mere 3 weeks. Let the blog posts resume! Last weekend Jenny and I went caving at the nearby lava tubes (which required a pretty wicked climb on our bikes) and also stopped by the zoo to the see the tiger feeding. See the cavers below and the tiger, Namaste.

This past week we decided to work four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days so that we have Fridays off. I also was able to go for my first real ride on my bike, an 18-mile ride along the coast north of Hilo- sadly I haven't mastered riding and taking pictures, so there aren't any. This morning I decided to ride the other direction, south toward Volcanoes National Park, a brutal ride that was only about 30 miles but had a nearly 3000 feet elevation gain (yikes!). It sure is easy to find hills to climb around Hilo.

I also snapped a few pictures from earlier that haven't made it on the blog yet: a shot of the active volcano in Volcanoes National Park and a view of Mauna Kea (in the clouds) from our work site. Enjoy! More to come soon.

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