Friday, July 30, 2010


For the last two weeks Devin, Bernice, Jenny, and I have joked about how crappy it would be to lock the keys in the car when we're 2 miles down Powerline Road, the insanely rough four-wheel drive road down which 10 or 12 of the kipuka are located. We also commented several times on how nice the weather has been in the field since Jenny and I have been here, especially considering Hilo is the rainiest city in the U.S. You can probably see where this is going.

We woke up Monday morning, and it looked like things would be grim up in the field- the site looked fogged in and rainy. To our surprise, we got there and it was sunny. "Wow, we've been really lucky with the weather so far. Who would have thought?" "Yeah I know." We then drove to the kipuka 2 miles down Powerline Road. "Got the keys Devin?" "Yup." We wandered into the kipuka to get our clippings and the rain moved in; at least we knew we wouldn't be out in the rain too long. We then walked back to the car and saw the keys sitting on the front dashboard. Doh. Powerline Road is gated by the Fish and Wildlife service and the key was in the car too. Doh. Devin and I walked down to the road to meet a person bringing us a spare key (they couldn't drive down the road because the gate was locked and we had the key), while Jenny and Bernice sat at the car. All the while the rain and fog moved in.

Three hours later on the drive back I took this picture from my phone and decided that it summed up the day pretty well:

Long. Wet. Chilly. Gray.

On the bright side, everyone took everything in stride, it makes for a good story, and Devin can't say anything to us about losing anything from here on out.

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