Friday, June 25, 2010

Honolulu- Day 2

Day 2 dawned early- 5:30 to be exact. I stumbled out the door at 5:45, got to Pearl Harbor at 6:40 and was lucky enough to get a spot on the 2nd boat to the USS Arizona at 8:20. The memorial itself was worth the wait. Standing over the ship, seeing the oil still leak out of the ship 69 years later, picturing the morning of December 7th was special.

After a few hours at Pearl Harbor, I rode the bus all the way back across Honolulu to hike the obligatory Diamond Head.

The hike itself is cut up through the edge of the crater with tunnels and stairs and is really quite neat; unfortunately it was difficult to see any of the trail through all the people- at midafternoon on a Thursday the trail was PACKED. The view from the top was spectacular however, so it was worth fighting my way up and down through all the people (I guess).

After leaving Diamond Head I slowly meandered my way back to Honolulu through Waikiki enjoying the beaches (and not enjoying the insane amount of people). So far my Honolulu experience makes me glad that I'll be on the significantly less crowded Big Island for most of my summer. Hopefully today I'll escape some of the people on a few hikes in the hills behing the city.


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