Thursday, November 12, 2009

Straight Outta Stradbroke

Today was our final day on Stradbroke, a day filled with frantic data gathering, data analyzing, and finally, a couple dozen raw oysters. My last two and a half days have been spent driving to various parts of the island trying to get data for my targeted research project. Sadly, almost all of my data has proven to be statistically insignificant, however, data that tells you nothing still tells you something. Last Saturday we gave 35 minute presentations on a theoretical development in groups of six, Sunday was our exam, and since then I've been working on my research island. I have had some fun though; everyday last week we played either rugby or soccer on the field nearby- we had some serious 10 vs 10 play (and I finally scored a goal). Sadly diving didn't work out because of an unfortunate incident with the first part of our group, however it sounds like I'll have at least one more chance. Tomorrow we leave here at 7AM, ride the ferry back to the mainland, head straight to the airport, and then fly to Sydney. Our free days are Saturday and Sunday and then we have a week of "class" mostly involving visiting museums in Sydney and Canberra.
The pictures above are a few snapshots of life on Straddie- My friend Jared helping me with my research project, a storm rolling across Moreton Bay from Brisbane, the view from Point Lookout at the northeastern edge of the island, and a picture from our tour of the local sand-mining operation. I'll post again from Sydney!

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