Monday, November 2, 2009

Life in Cell Block E

Just a joke, although this part of the research station at Moreton Bay does seem to look like a federal penitentiary. Since arriving here on Staddie, we've had our introductory lectures, toured the island, and had attempted to all throw boomerangs. A local Aborigine guide came by and played Didgeridoo, showed us traditional artifacts, and demonstrated how do throw spears and boomerangs. As you can imagine, there were all sorts of comical results when 50 of us attempted to throw a boomerang (both of mine went into trees). Yesterday we also went swimming at Brown Lake (aptly named), a nearby lake solely fed by rainwater that is the color of tea because of tannin runoff from the Eucalyptus trees in the area. Today we're touring the local Rutile mining operation to get a feel for another important aspect of the island. I've also been planning my research project, which at the moment, is going to attempt to study the effects of the local dirt roads on the nearby environment.

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