Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Brief Six Days in Sydney

After leaving Stradbroke Island we drove straight to the airport and caught our flight to Sydney. Our free days and Sydney were first instead of last, so we took our free days to ride the ferry out to the beach suburb of Manly and travel inland to the iconic Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains. In the Blue Mountains the five of us hiked two trails: the scenic National Pass cut into the side of a cliff and the Federal Pass which runs beneath the Three Sisters and ends with a ride on the steepest funicular railway in the world. On our non-free days in Sydney we visited museums (lots and lots and lots of them) and saw the sights around Sydney. One of the highlights was the Bing dinner, a 5-course meal followed by a ballet in the Opera House. We also went to the beach where Australian beach culture originated (Bondi Beach), the Australia Museum, the Powerhouse Museum, and toured the Sydney's historic barracks.
One our last day in Sydney, we had three free hours, so a friend and I decided to go sailing on Sydney Harbor (how often do you get that opportunity?). I found a place that rented small Lasers so Jared and I decided to go for it. Upon arriving at the rental place we discovered that they wouldn't let us both go out in one Laser; "We do have catamarans though. They're basically the same." After a terrifying near-death experience, we decided that learning to sail a catamaran in 30-knot winds wasn't the best idea and we decided on kayaks instead. Next stop: Canberra. I just hope that Australians exaggerate their extreme dislike for their capital city...

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