Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Brief Reprieve

Today we finished our 4 day crash course in mangroves with a group presentation on mangroves and a reflective essay. Thursday and Friday we were divided into three groups of 8, and each group was assigned an aspect of mangroves: estuary, fauna, and forest (my group). Our group visited five sites where we measured canopy cover, tree species, height, and circumference, number of seedlings, pH, salinity, and several other things I can't really remember along 30-40 meter transects. Thursday I was in charge of measuring tree height with a hypsometer ( check the last sentence; I didn't know what it was either) and Friday I got to jam a pvc pipe as far into the ground as I could and pull out a very muddy soil core. Friday night and Saturday morning we compiled our data and then gave a 20 minuted presentation this afternoon. This is definitely a strange way to take classes- they only last 4 days, but instead of 1 hour, they last 10-12 hours. Tomorrow morning we pack up early and drive to the rain forest southwest of Cairns where we'll stay till next Saturday at Yungaberra and Atherton. It's nice to get a break, although it's going to be a little short for my taste- tomorrow should basically be a rest too. I've posted some pictures of our work for the last few days, another crocodile pic, and a picture of a flying fox colony we cruised by (I wouldn't want to meet one in a cave). I'll post more from the rain forest.


  1. What a cutie! Great pictures :)

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  3. No one likes my blog because yours is so much cooler. Stop doing cool stuff. Really.