Friday, October 30, 2009

Back In Brisbane

We’re back in Brisbane today, for merely a single day- tomorrow we’re headed west to Stradbroke Island (“Straddie”), just across Moreton Bay. We left Heron yesterday and then had a roughly eight-hour bus ride back into Brisbane. It’s really bizarre: the main road, the M1, between Brisbane and the rest of the East Coast of Australia is only two lanes with an extra passing lane interspersed every five or ten kilometers. It’s unbelievable that the main artery for 1500 kilometers is merely two lanes. The next two weeks we’ll spend out on Stradbroke Island, taking our Coastal Resource Management class; I’ll also be carrying out my research project there. It’s exciting to finally get to do some work on my project. The internet should be better at Straddie, so hopefully the blog entries will be more frequent (and before I forget everything like at Heron). I’ve added a few last pictures of the island to this post including dive pictures and some snorkeling pictures. Enjoy!

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