Sunday, September 27, 2009


Friday I made it to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the largest koala sanctuary in the world (is there much competition?). For $16 you could get a picture holding a koala, or you could just hold one for free. I was cheap, so just imagine a little koala clinging to me if you want. Other highlights include a bird that wouldn’t speak no matter how hard I tried, but quickly said “bye bye” the instant I turned around- a trick solely to get me to come back and try to get him to talk some more (and fail). My favorite part was the kangaroo pen where there were about 50 various species of kangaroos hanging out ready to be petted. If you pretended you had food in your hand they would come over and let you scratch behind their ears or pet them or try to take a photo with them or whatever- they’re actually really similar to dogs. I’ve attached some of the cuter pictures.
We began Friday with lawnbowling, the "socializing" game of Australia. The game involves two teams of four members; team members each roll two balls toward a small white ball positioned about 30 feet away. The goal is to have your ball stop closer to the white ball than other people; the "trick" is that the balls are unevenly weighted, such that there is a heavy half and light half and the ball curves toward the heavier half. You can also knock other people's balls out of the way or hit the white ball away from its original starting point. All in all, lawnbolwing appears to be a game played for the company, and a game that, according to locals, becomes more enjoyable as one consumes more drinks. I've attached a picture below. Off to Cairns tomorrow!


  1. I must say, that Koala bear looks a bit....stuffed!

  2. keep up the adventures, davy! so good to see you hanging with the australian wildlife...missing you buddy!